I have nothing much to say to 2019 but a big thank you.

This year started with me going to the beach with my cousins for three days straight. Just like how we did it back then, only now with our dogs and technology that make days even better. We picked up some trash and had our dear Cookie bathe in saltwater for the very first time.

January 1, 2019 sunset.

And then it was time to go back to the city to continue my second semester in Political Science. I was sure I was on the right track. I was. And I had a few good friends and one best, Bert.

Gang ganging our way through the semester. 🤪

Second semester ended with nothing much to be honest. It felt like a blink. I turned twenty-one on April and I went to escape the city and school for a bit early May. Missed a final output during this but no regrets. I passed the class.

My sister gave birth to Anton on June 5th and then that was that. My whole June was that.

I spent most of my July in Leyte and then back in Cebu for an art exhibit (Dugta) at Joya Gallery in UP Cebu where I fangirled over Soika. I still fangirl over him now.

Then I decided to work in Kukuk’s Nest by the end of July (and stopped by the end of August for some stupid reasons). Here are a few people I have met and conversed with while womanning the bar.

Greg from Switzerland and Lort from Belgium. The latter talked about his mom’s prescribed marijuana and Tomorrowland being a joke.
Franz, Gio, and Tj. SAFAD reppin.
Jom and Pat. Heavy smokers.
Jom (again, because he basically lives in Kukuk’s), Christian, and Rob Rub. Awesome musicians and brilliant memes.
Shaen from Australia. Spent most of his life backpacking and travelling. Survived cancer and has a hearing disability that led him to stop diving. His tattoos are names of his children and grandchildren. Pretty cool guy. Lived across Kukuk’s.

September was a blur. As well as October and November. I was simply feeling off since having stopped working at Kukuk’s. School was cruel and I hate deadlines. I dropped out of it December 1.


No amount of words could suffice my appreciation for this month. I started working back at Kukuk’s and have reunited with people I now consider very close to me.

This month would not have been the same if it weren’t for Monggo Day. My first ever. Let me just say how wholesome my whole experience was. I met Sir Shawn from UP who told me to take my time when I informed him of my recent dropping out of school. A total break from the usual “But why?” response. I ate a lot of monggo and realized my zero math skills during the event (thanks to Dave).

Ms. B and some dude dancing to The Pervs. Reminded me of the twist scene from Pulp Fiction. A lovely sight.

The next few days after Monggo Day have been golden. I met more people, tried my first ever Ginebra with grape juice and Sprite, argued endlessly, probably flashed my nonexistent boobs. I do not fully remember. The events are and were all so perpetual and personal to me that I do not have proper forms of documentation of them. They are just in my head. The beers downed and words said are all inside my head and I do not hate myself for it.

Shoda who brought me to some cheap burger station at 5am. We had the spiciest burgers ever. The best after a long night of beers and bullshitting.

Ending this year with heavy appreciation for the family I have found outside my house. For the people who have less that have showed me more and what’s more. For myself for choosing to believe in herself again.

2020 will be bigger and stronger.