the pleasure (as well as the pain) of being away


You have all the time in the world


You don’t have all the time in the world

I’ve been mostly thinking about the second one and I’m becoming restless because of it. I think about all the things I still want to do and the words I still want to say. My knees weaken whenever I think about my time being limited. “Life is short” used to only be a cliché phrase I throw away when I did something without the assistance of the big man, Being Rational. But, life really is short. You never know when a virus appears and starts taking lives. The next thing you know is that you haven’t seen your best friends in two months and the only thing that’s sure is that nothing’s sure. It’s scary. And I’m scared. But oddly enough I also have been calm; to know that nothing lasts and to confirm that change is the only constant. I’m not very sure if Heraclitus meant that bad or good but I think it’s both. What we’re experiencing now will end. What will come, will come. Nobody knows what’s going to happen next but the next will happen.

For now, you and I shall enjoy these beautiful faces and moments.