Happy Mother’s Day, Ate.

Your story is not mine to tell so here is how it is being a sister who has considered her Ate her only constant in life.

We both have been given the surprise to mother ourselves and our two younger siblings at an early age. We did that as well as how Daddy did. When we went to a boarding school in high school we had to mother ourselves again, only this time I kind of mothered you because I was better at handling our allowances. We did not say it but we were looking for a mother figure an hour away from home. Something or someone to remind us of a mother’s unconditional love. And we always failed at that but we handled ourselves well enough to still be here.

Now, you mother Anton and, in a way, yourself. You have accepted the surprise and the blessing that was your pregnancy. And I am glad that you did. We all are. You always tell me how it has not sunk in yet that you are now a mother. Same. You. A mother. A. Mother. I can only imagine what big of a responsibility that and it is. But you are now a mother and, believe it or not, you are doing great.

My point is: your becoming and being a mother does not take away your constant place in my life. That is what scared me at first but now I understand and know better.

So, Happy Mother’s day, Ate. I never call you Ate but today I am going to because it makes a good blog-post title. I jest.


Enjoy the and your journey of mothering Anton! I will always be close at the side!



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