July 7th was a Monday in 1969, and today is Tuesday.

Fifty-one years ago today, a baby was born. In 1993, that baby delivered her first baby and got married. Three years later they got pregnant with their second child. And a year and a half later, came their third and middle child, because in 2002 they were blessed with twins.

Hi, Mama!

I know that there’s still so much more to your life than what I have just summarized above. All beautiful, cruel, sad, lonely, and then beautiful again. I can never fully know. So, here’s a gallery of memories to remind you of the many things that you have been through, things that you still are, and the things that have made you who you are now.

An endless thank you for your bravery and patience and understanding and for believing in us, your children, that you carried us in your tummy for nine months (times five).

I love you and I hope you that enjoy every bit of the photos that you may or may not have forgotten (yet)!

Happy birthday.

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